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The 'serial-1' directory contains AS relationships inferred using the method
described in "AS Relationships, Customer Cones, and Validation"
published in IMC 2013 (

The 'serial-2' directory combines the 'serial-1' data with relationships
inferred from Ark traceroute data, and multi-lateral peering

To do this we first infer which AS owns each router independent of the
interface addresses observed at that router. The ownership inferences
are based on IP-to-AS mapping derived from public BGP data, list of
peering prefixes from PeeringDB, and the previously inferred business AS
relationships. Then we convert the observed IP path into an AS path
using the router ownership information (rather than mapping each
observed IP to AS directly) and retain the first AS link in the
resulting path for the AS graph.

The 'serial-1' as-rel files contain p2p and p2c relationships. The format is:

The 'serial-2' as-rel file add the source of the inference:

The 'serial-1' ppdc-ases files contain the provider-peer customer cones
inferred for each AS.  Each line specifies an AS and all ASes we infer
to be reachable following a customer link.  The format is:
<cone-as> <customer-1-as> <customer-2-as> .. <customer-N-as>

We disabled public access to 2020-02 and 2020-03 data since some of the links were not calculated correctly, therefore producing errors in customer cone and ranks.

Acceptable Use Agreement

The AUA that you accepted when you were given access to these datas is included
in pdf format as a separate file in the same directory as this README file.
When referencing this data (as required by the AUA), please use:

    The CAIDA AS Relationships Dataset, <date range used>

Also, please, report your publication to CAIDA